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TTC 💐 March 2018- Diary

Previous Cycle Recap

I used VITEX again but had a very different cycle which kind of confirms January cycle might have been pregnant based on symptoms which I thought could be from VITEX but now I know they were not.Not pregnant yet

March 16, 2018 (CD 5)

I had a great period, no early spotting which is already an accomplishment.

So this is the cycle that I will be trying some “medical” intervention for the first time, I will be trying an 💉HCG trigger shot. We know that I produce nice follicles and good endometrium thickness, so what we want to make sure now is that the ovule actually comes out of the follicle. The shot is supposed to help that and also assist during implantation (which I think is the best part of this shot).

I’m schedule to see my doctor on CD12 to check follicle and get instructions on when to have the shot.

I am also having acupuncture today to start the cycle again.

March 21, 2018 – (CD 10)

Ok, so very interesting thing here…I went on Amazon and found an Ovulation kit that shows the actual LH surge number which is very useful not only to see exactly when ovulation is approaching, it is more sensitive, and it helps you identify if you have an LH defect.

March 23, 2018 – (CD 12)

I had acupuncture this morning, my doctor did electrical stimulation to the ovaries to help form the follicle. Other than that, my usual follicular phase needles.

I also had appointment with my doctor to check for follicle and also give me instructions for the HCG injection. I let him know that I had a couple of days back some pinches on my left ovary so I was guessing ovulation would be from that ovary. When he started the u/s, he could not find a follicle on the right side but he did find it on the left side (as I expected). We were planning as per my usual cycles to ovulate anytime CD14-16. The surprise was that the left ovary dominant follicle looked as if I had just ovulated. If you have ever seen your follicle after ovulation, it will not look round or in oval shape but more like a raisin, like deflated balloon. 

This meant that I was technically late for the HCG shot since you are supposed to get it 2 days before ovulation or when your follicle reaches 18mm, but in my case we don’t know what size was the follicle originally and I had clearly passed the 2 days mark. Despite this, my Doctor still gave me the shot right there in the office. His hope is that it will still help me with implantation if we didn’t miss the window. 

The homework is to baby dance tonight and tomorrow.

So I have some thoughts to share on this day:

First, I’ve never ovulated this early in my 4 years but yet this could be proof of why we have taken long…maybe I missed my window in other cycles since I had no u/s to confirm? I did do a pee stick and it is negative so not sure how I ovulated without a surge in my LH hormone? So can you ovulate without an LH surge? or maybe my LH was not enough to be detected on the OPK? And to top it off, my temps are all over the place…it has been very weird this cycle so I cannot tell ovulation for sure.

Or can it be that the electrical stimulation during acupuncture caused my follicle to rupture and prematurely ovulate?

I guess I will not know what exactly happened today. But certainly this has been a very eventful day in my TTC journey.

March 26, 2018 – (CD 15 – 2 DPO? )

OK. So let’s talk about today- ready? 

I woke-up today and had EWCM just like if I was going to ovulate today. I also had a nice temp drop as if I was going to ovulate soon AND I got my OPK + today as well. So…if we go by majority of symptoms, I should be ovulating today and not on CD12 as the u/s showed. The good news is that since I got the HCG shot on CD 12, then that would be almost 2 days before ovulation as the usual HCG protocol is AND maybe I did not miss my ovulation window?

We didn’t baby dance yesterday but we will baby dance today just to make sure we catch the window (if any).

Now, the weird part is I did not get ovulation pains this cycle at all like I usually get, not on/around CD12 nor today on CD15. So again, the weirdness continues this cycle.

March 29, 2018 – (CD 18 – 3 DPO or 5DPO? )

So my temps have been going up since CD16 which is good and kinda’ confirms I ovulated on CD15 and not on CD12 according to what I know about temping so far. To add to this craziness, FertilityFriend app decided to recalculate my ovulation day to move from CD15  to CD13. 

Today I actually had a small dip in temps and I’ve had lots of PMS feeling in uterus, but it’s too early for implantation so I’m not paying too much attention to it. I also had EWCM today, so not sure if I should pay attention to that or not, but since I’ve been really (and oddly enough) relaxed this cycle even with all the craziness of cycle, then I will probably not read too much into it because I’ve had that in 2 previous cycles and it didn’t turn into a BFP.

So I did a pregnancy test on DPO 5 and DPO 6 and got a faint line +. I’ve never seen a POSITIVE in 4 years so I would be jumping of excitement but I read the HCG can stay in your body for a while so this positives my be fake positives. We shall see…
Faint BFP

April 2nd, 2018 – (CD 22 – 7 DPO or 10DPO? )

It’s been 2 days that I have heartburn any time I eat or drink anything but yesterday afternoon I started having nausea too. I think it could be something I ate? Anyway, today I was woken up by terrible cramps in my lower abs. This pain I’ve had a couple of cycles last year a bit stronger then, but right after I had bleeding, so I always thought that those cycle maybe (and only maybe!) I had an almost implantation but it didn’t stick. The good news is that so far today NO bleeding and no more cramps 😀. This is already an accomplishment! Keep in mind I still have at least 5 days to get AF if not 7 (depending on when I ovulated) so that should not be the reason. 

I texted my doctor this morning to tell him, and he recommended I eat small meals throughout the day and lots of liquids. If I continue to have same symptoms, then to test on Thursday 🤞.

Oh and FertilityFriend app decided to recalculate my ovulation date again to CD15.

April 6, 2018 – (CD 26 – 11 DPO )

TMI ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I started bleeding today. It has been extremely dark brown and heavy from the beginning (which usually I start very light), I also noticed lots of clots but not regular period clots…more like non-stretchy almost as if it was tissue. I am still getting a super faint + pregnancy test and according to my Doctor, this is not HCG related anymore but I went to see my Doctor and it seems like it is an early miscarriage. 🙁 

I also received my progesterone and estrogen test results today and guess what!? No progesterone in my system, or lets just say almost none. Basically on cycle day 21 or 7 days after ovulation the standard progesterone for a normal ovulatory cycle and to be able to carry a pregnancy should be 10 or higher, mine was 2.8. And of course, if there is no progesterone then estrogen takes over. My Estradiol FREE was 7.01 (should be 0.40-5.55) so it’s higher than the highest range, and Estradiol 423 (should be 48-440), so also very high in the range. 

Based on this, any possible pregnancy would definitely have a hard time to stick. I am not depressed about the whwole thing today, I’m actually excited to see that:

1. For once in my journey I got aa super faint + BFP.

2. I now have the opportunity to supplement with progesterone and drastically improve my chances of sticking next time.

3. I tend to be estrogen dominant as I mentioned before and some of that has to do with my MTHFR genetics, but perhaps if I add progesterone my estrogen dominance will also improve. 

The plan next month is to try a non-medicine induced IUI. So basically monitor my cycle and have the sperm injected to rule out any slow sperm problem but no medicines since I seem to be consistent in ovulating.


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