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TTC 🌼 February 2018- Diary

Previous Cycle Recap

I used VITEX for the 1st time, gave me a bit of depression for a few days and some belly bloating but other than that it worked great. My ovulation day moved from the usual CD 16-18 to CD 14 for the 1st time in 3+ years of TTC.I also had an amazing basal temp chart showing possible egg fertilization + plus EWCM on 6 DPO which is a great sign as well, all this also for the 1st time in 3+ years TTC .Not pregnant yet.

February 16, 2018 - (CD 5)

I found an acupuncturist close to my house that specializes in fertility but Japanese method (instead of Chinese) . I will try her and see what her approach is and if she does more than one session per month. I tried acupuncture last year but was not really into it as the physician doing it said acupuncture for fertility purposes is only done once per month and I had a hard time believing that so I only went 2 months. 

Update: Went to my 1st appointment, the acupuncturist is great. She will see me 1-2 per week and she requires basal temperature charting which if you have been reading my journey, it is something I practice for the last 3 years and truly believe in, so I liked that we are very aligned.

I showed the acupuncturist my 2018- cycle #1 chart and she expressed that the chart reflected pregnancy. Which even though I didn’t get a positive, I am SUPER excited that she confirmed my feeling since last cycle was the 1st cycle I’ve had all kinds of pregnancy signs that I didn’t had in 3+ years. So I will take this as a sign that my focus needs to now move to assisting IMPLANTATION any way I can.

February 20, 2018 - (CD 9)

I had my second acupuncture session and feeling great. She likes VITEX so I will continue to take it this cycle. She said to remove all sugars and dairy which I already did for the most part…I love kefir and some sweet fruits, so I have to remove those from my menu for now to make it a 100%.

February 22, 2018 - (CD 11)

I am going today for my 3rd session of acupuncture. The Doctor said she will use electrical current stimulation today to support my ovulation as I am on CD12. Tomorrow I have ultrasound to check ovulation as well with my Fertility Doc-Fairy!

Basically with the ultrasound, I’m trying to make sure I can time intercourse better and confirm or not my theory that every 2 months I have a cycle with no ovulation. So far my last 2017 cycle, according to the ultrasound, I did not ovulate so if my theory is right I would technically not ovulate this cycle unless the acupuncture and vitex work it’s magic. 

Update: I ended up not getting electrical stimulation as the doctor was not in the office and her husband did my treatment today. It sucks in way but maybe it was for the better as stimulating my ovaries with electricity was making me a bit nervous. I kept having some sharp pinches (that I never had before) on my right side all day so the doctor did some needles to help ease that and the pinches went away.

This cycle so far, my basal body temps have been extremely stable, not sure if it is VITEX continuing to help or the acupuncture that is kicking in. I will share my chart at the end of the cycle so you see my follicular phase how stable it was, which means stable hormones. 🙂

February 23, 2018 - (CD 12)

I had my ultrasound today and to my surprise, I have a dominant follicle on the right ovary (that’s probably why I was getting right pinches on my right side yesterday). I was gladly proven wrong with the ultrasound to see that I am ovulating this month. The follicle was about 20mm which is ready to pop although I got a negative OPK this morning. 🙂

February 26, 2018 - (CD 15- 0 DPO)

So I did an OPK during the weekend and all were negative which kind of threw me off because technically I should have been positive since my follicle was 20mm on Friday. Then today, I finally got my + OPK despite the drop in temperature yesterday. This is the 1st time I get a – OPK the day of my temperature drop, so not sure what to think about that… Also today I got EWCM which kinda’ confirms the +OPK. Fertility Friend app should confirm ovulation in a few days once my temps rise (hopefully).

March 1st, 2018 - (CD 18- 3 DPO)

I got confirmation in the app that I ovulated on CD15. Also today I woke up and (TMI ALERT!!): I had major EWCM like a blop but it was yellowish. I only had it in the morning so not sure what that means because ovulation window is gone. I read online that this might be a good pregnancy indicator, but I had it last month too except on day 5DPO and I didn’t get pregnant.

I started today a bit of progesterone (topical) just to help in case I’m a bit in the lower range (I don’t know, I’m just basing this on my suspicion that I was almost pregnant last month and also my cortisol levels tend to be low which means I may not produce enough progesterone). I also have a bit of PMS feeling in my lower abs area but of course can be left over symptoms from ovulation?

March 2nd, 2018 - (CD 19- 4 DPO)

I had acupuncture today and was very surprised to hear both husband and wife said that my pulse was different, it was “slippery” which according to them is very common during pregnancy. Of course they said, stay positive BUT don’t let this be a definitive as no one can tell since it is so early.

March 5th, 2018 - (CD 22- 7 DPO)

I don’t have much to report today other than I woke up feeling extremely down, it felt like if I had taken a downer-pill. Also, I am not feeling pregnant at all today, maybe my subconscious knew that and woke up down?

As far as my temps, they went down this morning but this drop does not really mean anything exciting yet.

March 8th, 2018 - (CD 25- 10 DPO)

So I did a pregnancy test today just to see what would come out…it was negative! 🙁

March 12th, 2018 - (CD 1)

My period arrive punctual as usual. Not too disappointed since I really wasn’t feeling pregnant this month at all, so I was OK seen aunt flo arrive.

trying to conceive journey
Fertility Friend App, Basal Body Temps for February 2018

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