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TTC Diary May 2018

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I did an ICI and added progesterone. I really had no symptoms during the 2 week wait so I didn't feel too excited but it was still good because I was able to regulate my progesterone.

SO this month we (my husband, fairy Doctor, and me) mapped out the next 3 months plan. 

Want to know what that is?Here you go: 

May (this month) we will do an IUI without clomid since I ovulate naturally. We will monitor ovulation closely and then add the HCG shot which got me pregnant on March. We will also stay with progesterone during my luteal phase.

June- if it doesn’t happen in May then we will do a full IUI cycle with all hormones (including clomid, etc).

July- if still nothing, then we will move to IVF. 

I do plan to have some vacations in-between so there is a chance I may move the plan down one month but that’s still TBD.

HOWEVER- I have a strong feeling this month (so does my Mom and Acupuncturist) so I hope there is no need to plan more.


May 16, 2018 - (CD 7)

I asked my Doctor today to start my ultrasound monitoring a bit early because I have been feeling a bit of bloating and my cervical mucus started a bit earlier so I want to make sure we don’t miss the window if I happen to ovulate early. I will start to do ovulation tests tomorrow. I also have to make an appointment to my acupuncturist for tomorrow or Friday latest.

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