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April 26, 2018

Trying to conceive journey


Previous Cycle Recap

I tried for the first time an HCG shot to help with ovulation and implantation. I also did Progesterone and Estrogen testing 7 days after ovulation and the results came back by the end of my cycle with very low progesterone 2.8 and very high estrogen (probably from not enough progesterone to balance it and from my usual estrogen dominance).

I did get a faint positive BFP but at the same time I started bleeding to which seemed a possible miscarriage based on the faint + and the characteristics of the bleeding.
Not pregnant yet.

April 14, 2018 – (CD 9)

Today my bleeding/period finished, it lasted 9 days which is by far my longest period ever in my 36 years of life. I will be trying this month a non-medicated partial IUI called ICI (Intra Cervical Insemination) since my husband wants to rule out any issues with his sperm being slow and not reaching the egg (although after last cycle’s faint + we feel much more optimistic and less worried about the sperm). 

So let me explain a bit more what I mean by an ICI…

Normally IUI, as the name indicates Intra Uterine Insemination, the sperm is injected in the uterus to discard any possibilities of slow sperm not reaching the egg, not reaching on-time. Doctors also use medication to stimulate ovulation and trigger.

In my case, I want to avoid medicine since we know by now that I do produce follicles and ovulate. We also will not be inserting the sperm all the way up to the uterus which requires special washing of the sperm in a laboratory, instead we will let the sperm sit for 20 mins and take the top part of the liquefied sperm. This portion is then injected to the very end of your cervix where you still have cervical mucus needed for the sperm and from then on the sperm will do the usual swimming. So this process will allow it to be as natural as possible but short cutting the swimming time to the egg. 

We also know the day of ovulation is usually CD14-18 (except last cycle that was CD12 as confirmed by ultrasound). My Doctor/Midwife will monitor me with ultrasound starting CD12 and inject the sperm on the actual (or as close as possible) ovulation day.

I will also start progesterone 2-3 days after insemination to help me bring up my numbers and lower the estrogen.

April 17, 2018 – (CD 12)

So today I had appointment with my midwife to check my ovulation progress and plan the insemination day. He found my follicle was measuring 18mm so I was scheduled to come back on CD 14 (Thursday) to check again.

April 19, 2018 – (CD 14)

Went to check again with my midwife but not ready for insemination yet. I had acupuncture today also and my doctor recommended that I don’t do IUI yet, to give it a couple more months to try natural. She also said that with last month’s early miscarriage, it was better to let things be as natural as possible. I agree with her but also my midwife says we need to get more aggressive each cycle to not waste time which he is also right.

So I’m schedule again for Saturday CD16. 😕

April 21, 2018 – (CD 16)

So today was surprising because we found my follicle is now 23 mm which means I have not ovulated yet so no IUI today either. And I say surprising because the last 3 cycles that we have been monitoring with ultrasound, we always checked until the follicle reached 18mm and then “assumed” I would ovulate as per the chart. Well now that we need to keep such a tight eye on the ovulation and have done checks after 18mm, we are learning that my follicles most likely don’t pop right after as we thought as per my symptoms, charting, and OPKs. It looks like the faint + OPKs I get at around 18mm are simply indicating the beginning of LH rise. 

This also makes sense with the new testing OPKs I bought on Amazon because the peak of LH was showing AFTER my ovulation day as per the chart and I couldn’t understand why. So my body manifests all signs of ovulation and the app thinks I ovulated but inside, it’s happening 2-3 days after.

You know what this means right???????

That maybe, and just MAYBE one of the factors in our Unexplained Infertility has been simply TIMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and only last cycle in which my hormones were crazy because of quitting VITEX cold turkey and caused me to ovulate very early on day 12 (confirmed by ultrasound), then that’s why I got pregnant…because we actually did our homework ON-TIME since we started doing our homework early to catch ovulation on supposedly CD 14-16.

So back to the IUI, my midwife says that at this point it should happen anytime tonight or tomorrow Sunday. He told us to do our homework tonight, no homework Sunday and scheduled me for Monday @ 6AM to do ICI and be able to catch the egg if it popped on Sunday. 

This is all very eye opening and exciting!👏

April 23, 2018 – (CD 18)

I went to my 6AM appointment today. I did ovulate- I believe it happened Sunday around 1PM because I was watching TV and got some sharp pinches in the same ovary I had the follicle so that’s probably when it happened.

On the ultrasound, the follicle looked like a raising, there was “ovulation liquid” which makes the image look a bit blurry (same happened last month after ovulation) and my uterus lining had changed to luteal phase characteristics. It worries me a little bit that my luteal phase can be shorten based on the ovulation day but hopefully progesterone will help with that.

We did the ICI, the entire procedure took about 30 minutes but that’s because we needed to leave the sperm to sit for about 20 minutes and I stayed laying down about 5 minutes.  So it was fast, painless and easy!

I am starting Progesterone today, 200mg 2x day💊 intra-vaginal. I also did an override in my app to reflect the correct ovulation day as per today’s confirmation.

2 Week Waiting STARTS: NOW!

April 30, 2018 – (CD 25 – 8DPO)

So I had some mild cramps a few days ago, felt bloated and felt like some sort of “ovulation pains” , I also had a breakout on my face and today started having sore breast on the sides. This happened yesterday and today. My temps also dipped but they usually do around this time of the cycle so I can’t really tell if it may be implantation or not. I’ve also been on Progesterone since my ICI.

May 1st, 2018 – (CD 26 – 9DPO)

Very weird, all my symptoms are gone- completely. Feel like nothing is happening at all! 🤔 I had a few cramps in the afternoon that felt more like PMS ( felt these for like 10 minutes and then gone) but it’s still early for auntflo so we shall see…

May 7, 2018 – (CD 32 – 15DPO)

Yeap, I’m on 15DPO. NO SYMPTOMS at all, in fact I’ve been feeling great. I was supposed to get my period sometime yesterday or today but NO auntflo yet. Of course I did a test! NEGATIVE. 🙁 not even a slight faint line. Probably because of the Progesterone my period is now delayed luckily I finished my pills yesterday so maybe now that I am not on them my period may come. The weird part is I don’t feel ANY sign/symptom of my period. In fact, just so you have an idea of how good I feel…I bought some cabinets in IKEA and instead of waiting for my husband to put them together, I did them all myself, cleaned the house, did laundry, bathrooms, and made some calls to get quotes for our patio project.

I thought if I do some exercise, maybe I will help auntflo show up but no signs yet. Even yesterday, I did a whole bunch of gardening work I had been putting off because the usual thought ‘what if I’m pregnant’, I was exhausted at night but no period yet.

May 9, 2018 – (CD 34 – 17DPO)

So no positive pregnancy tests this cycle, but that’s OK. It will be soon!

TTC with progesterone
Fertility Friend App, Basal Body Temps

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