Does Pineapple Core Help With Implantation?


March 24, 2020

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Pineapple Core


If you heard about eating the pineapple core to get pregnant and you think this is just a myth, let me give you the download on what I found after many days of personal research and watching several YouTube videos on pregnancy successes.

So does pineapple core help with implantation?

Yes! All things point to consuming pineapple core after ovulation helps with implantation when trying to get pregnant. This is especially effective due to the high concentration of bromelain. Bromelain is an enzyme that has anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Having said this, I could not find any medical case studies on this matter or fertility treatments that specifically use bromelain. So the information I will be sharing with you on this post is based on the actual benefits of the enzyme bromelain, how it influences implantation and lots of testimonials online from other women who successfully have gotten pregnant while consuming pineapple core.

Of course, other factors play a role in your ability to become pregnant (i.e., PCOS, hormones, fertile days, lifestyle factors, etc) but the commonality of this easy and cheap tip makes it worth giving it a try to increase your chances! right?

Keep reading if you want to learn how adding pineapple core to your TTC journey can help you no matter if you are choosing natural, IVF, or IUI. And more importantly the correct time to consume it so that it helps your chances rather than hurting them.

Pineapple core health benefits for implantation

During implantation, we want to encourage our uterus to become as sticky as possible for the embryo to attach. It is believed that bromelain has anticoagulant properties which are considered a blood thinner, then this helps to drive blood to the uterus more efficiently

It is also considered anti-inflammatory which is key for a healthy immune system. When the embryo is trying to attach, our immune system needs to shift from TH1 immune cells to TH2. This shift is not possible when our immune system is poor or is flaring and can then prevent implantation or cause miscarriages.

What type of pineapple should I buy?

If possible, organic. If not, a regular pineapple should suffice just make sure you don't buy it already cut, canned, or cooked. You want it fresh.

IMPORTANT TIP: If you have never eaten the pineapple core before, I suggest you try it before the actual cycle starts. You want to make sure that your digestive system likes it and doesn't cause you any upset stomach as you don't want to add stress to your body when it is trying to get you pregnant.

Does pineapple core help with implantation

How do you know if the pineapple is ready to eat?

A good method is by tugging or pulling out an inner leaf. If it’s ready, the leaf should pull out easily. You should be able to confirm this by picking up the pineapple scent if you try to smell it.

Is the pineapple core safe to eat?

It is usually not eaten because it is very hard and not juicy or sweet, but it is safe to eat. I've had it a few time already so unless you are allergic to bromelain or pineapple, you will be just fine!

How do you cut the pineapple?

Peel-cut the skin of the pineapple. Cut the top leafs then cut a whole pineapple in half. Do not remove the core as you would usually do as this is the part you will also eat. Then cut each half into 5-7 pieces. ​​​​​​​Store in a glass container in your fridge. Stay away from plastics as plastics tend to have BPA which is toxic and big enemy of fertility.

How much pineapple core should you eat?

Let me reinforce here that you must eat not only the core, but the juicy part of the fruit as well. You should ideally consume 1 to 2 pieces each day based on the instructions I just gave you on cutting it. You do NOT need to consume more than this as too much is also not good. 

And here's an extra tip on how you can eat the pineapple core if it's not your favorite part, you find to hard, or is giving you a pineapple tongue (irritated tongue)...add this to your daily fertility smoothie or just throw it in a blender with some filtered water and make yourself a nice juice.

I have a Vita-Mix and it works perfectly for my daily smoothie with or without pineapple core. If you have a juicer, please read the instructions as some juicers machines DO NOT work with pineapple core. The juicer Breville 800JEXL series which I love and totally recommend for this journey can process the pineapple core in HIGH setting.

When to eat pineapple core for implantation success?

Here are the scenarios depending on what applies to you:

  • The day test positive for ovulation or the day after, latest.
  • The day of your IUI or the day after your IUI, latest.
  • The day of your IVF embryo transfer or the day after, latest.

You will find that some people online say you can start eating pineapple before ovulation. I personally would not recommend you to do that since pineapple is an acidic fruit and it can disrupt the quality of your cervical mucus.

If you followed the instruction I gave you earlier on how to cut the pineapple with the core, then that should give you enough fruit to eat for 10-14 days. That is the usual number of days that you need to allow for an embryo to implant or what is called the luteal phase. 

Another note here is there is no definite answer on whether you need to eat the pineapple on an empty stomach or not. The theory is that if you have it with food, the enzyme will work as a digestive enzyme only. Until I find better documentation on this, I will consider this irrelevant. Bromelain is going to do what it needs to do and act as enzyme because it is an enzyme no matter what is already in your stomach or not. So this is up to you. 

When should you stop?

As soon as you get your positive pregnancy test or BFP.  For many women, this will be before they finish the pineapple so you can use the remainings to give your partner a nice Pina-Colada to celebrate the BFP. 

CAUTION: If you already are taking any anticoagulant medication or immune system medication, then consult with your doctor to make sure it's ok adding more to your diet. More is not always better.

And if that's not all...pineapple has become the power symbol for women struggling with infertility or getting pregnant. This elegant sunny fruit signifies to "stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside". It's a power tribute to the journey of getting pregnant and a reminder that we can still be sweet on the inside even when life throws us an infertility curve, So I invite you to not just consume it, but to wear it.

I wanted to give you an easy to read and understand guide to a pineapple pregnancy, so print this page or download it for your next TTC cycle. And of course, if you use pineapple core for IVF, for IUI, or for a natural pregnancy and you get your BFP- come back and let us know it worked!

About the author 

Andrea Cincora

I'm first, a #IVFSister. I struggled with Unexplained Infertility for almost 6+ years (which turned out to be explained). Until one day, I decided to take infertility by the horns and find ways to beat it. In doing so I became a Functional Diagnostics Practitioner (FDN-P), Certified in Culinary Nutrition, Certified Health and Life Coach, and my favorite of all- a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Practitioner.

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