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Because getting pregnant is not always as fast as we were told. Get the scoop from someone that has tried it almost all.

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About the author


I'm  Andrea

I'm first, a #IVFSister. I struggled with Unexplained Infertility for almost 6+ years (which turned out to be explained). Until one day, I decided to take infertility by the horns and find ways to beat it.

In doing so I became a Functional Diagnostics Practitioner (FDN-P), Certified in Culinary Nutrition, Certified Health and Life Coach, and my favorite of all- a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Practitioner.


Being touched by infertility certainly changed my life. It changed how I see life, my priorities, my body, and my mindset. I worked so hard fine-tuning my health to realize that although it is a critical part, your subconscious is just as critical or more. Taming the infertility anxiety beast is what made the difference for me and what I see time and time again working for my clients.


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I'm grateful for Andrea's ability to get rid of the anxiety attacks I was having ever since we started to TTC. It really is crazy what our subconscious mind holds on to in order to protect us without knowing that it really is hurting us.

Jackie T.

Andrea's helped me gain the mental peace I needed to come out of the infertile-victim cycle. Turns out childhood forgotten memories were blocking my fertility. Like she says "game-changer" in my IVF journey.

Annie S.